Oldschool Runescape Private Server


Donator Perks

Once you've donated through our automatic donation system type ::claim ingame to recieve your items. Depending on how many donator tokens you purchase determins the rank you will recieve, The ranks go like this - (Contributer, Super Donator, Extreme Donator, VIP, Legendary Donator).

Donator Zone (::dz)

Donator zone contains alot of usefull skilling areas with banks really close by, it also contains a teleportation device which can teleport you to godwards dungeon with 10 killcount which means you can enter any boss without having to get the kills required, the second option teleports you to the king black dragon safely without having to enter the wilderness, the third option teleports you to corp like with the KBD tele doesn't require you to enter the wilderness to get there, the final option teleports you straight to the wilderness skilling area. There's also a NPC which will restore all of your stats!

Drop Rates!

(Contributer = 10% | Super Donator = 30% | Extreme Donator = 30% | Legendary Donator = 40%)